Grand Opening of the New RPGC Clubhouse - 8th August 2009

The new Clubhouse was formally declared open by our Royal Patron, DYMM Sultan Perak D R, on 8th August 2009. It was a celebratory occasion for more than one reason: we had a brand new clubhouse, soon to be the envy and talk of other clubs nationwide, and we were celebrating the Silver Jubilee of HRH's ascension to the Perak Throne. To add to the festivities, the opening ceremony was held in conjunction with the 'DYMM Paduka Seri Sultan Azlan Shah Silver Jubilee Golf Tournament' held over two days. 

Given that the massive building complex was put up in record time, it is actually a matter of pride that the high quality structure is also beautiful and imposing. Much of this is on account of the vision and support of HRH Sultan Azlan Shah.

The Golf Tournament, held over two days was 'booked' to capacity and we regret that many members had to be left disappointed in that they could not take part in the tournament. 

The inaugural winner of the coveted 'Silver Jubilee Cup' was Dato Abdul Puhat Nayan and the Overall Ladies Champion was Ms Ashvin Kaur: 

The formal dinner to celebrate the occasion was attended by our Royal Patrons, and also saw a full house with so many VIPs.

In 2010, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dato' Seri Talaat Hussin, resigned and Dato' Jamalludin Al Amini B. Hj. Ahmad was appointed Chairman, and the current Board has 10 members, including the Chairman. 

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